Instrument Paper: Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)


The paper is about Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) based on the outline below

Paper Outline:

Name of <My Instrument>

What is <my instrument>?

In this section, you should be describing your chosen instrument and what it measures. You should provide some information about when it was developed, how it was developed, and whether or not it is commonly used in research and/or clinical practice.

How does <my instrument> work?

In this section you should provide detailed information about how exactly the instrument works! How does it measure what it is measuring? Who uses this instrument? Is it commonly used by SLPs or audiologists? Is it an instrument that another professional might use, but an SLP or audiologist might benefit from the information this instrument gives us? Does this instrument require special training to use?

Include a picture of <my instrument>

Who benefits from <my instrument>?

This section should describe any clinical populations or individuals who would benefit from the use of your selected instrument. This will help you know, as a clinician, which instruments are appropriate for particular populations.

How has <my instrument> been used in research?

Here you should cite and briefly describe at least one research study that has used your chosen instrument. This is not meant to be an exhaustive research study review, just an example of how your instrument has been used in the research setting.

Include any other helpful information relevant to <my instrument> (optional)

Here you would include any other helpful/fun information about your instrument.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not have to follow this exact format for your handout – this is just an example. Be creative!! But your handout should, at a minimum, include this information


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APA – 6 References

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