Infant mortality disparities Paper


Please prepare a paper on an area you found interesting this semester (Infant mortality disparities). Write a two page outline pertaining to the paper. Please include the following

  • (A) Brief History of the subject matter
  • (B) What would happen if this area is not addressed 1.content from this area should be from 3 sources from Race, Ethnicity, and health 2nd edition Laveist or Essentials of Public health second edition Turnock 2.Peer reviewed sources that explore your issue area
  • (C) Is there an agency /office or health care system that can aid in addressing the issues in this population
  • (D) How does the affordable care act address this issue? What are some solutions to addressing this issue?
  • (E) It should also explore its implications on community health and organizations in public health that address the selected area. This is to be included but the rest of the paper is up to you.