Individual Assignment: Media and Race – 1960’s Women Stereotypes


Resources:Racial and Ethnic Relations and Racial and Ethnic Groups

Select a movie, television show, commercial, or other form of media that includes racial or ethnic issues. The following websites contain media you can use. You may also select a piece of media not found in these collections.

The Prelinger Archives located at, which houses television ads and shows from the 1940s and 1950s

Movie archives located at

Write a 500- to 750- word analysis where you identify how your selected media example addresses gender and stereotypes.

  • Explain how stereotypes are portrayed in the media and your response to these stereotypes.

Answer the following questions:

  • What time period was your media made in? What time period is it about?
  • Was one character portrayed as a victim? Was this character playing a stereotypical role?
  • What roles, major or minor, were racial or ethnic minorities assigned?
  • What issues of race and ethnicity are addressed?
  • For older media pieces, how would the racial issues you identified be addressed today?

SOC 262 SOC262 Week 5 Assignment Media and Race

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