Improving the Clinic’s Image Project Presentation


You will be required to complete a project, to be designed in conjunction with your preceptor. The project should apply at least two of the following competencies developed in the program.
 Financial Management
 Human Resource Management
 Strategic Planning and Marketing
 Information Management
 Quality Improvement
 Change Management

This project should be rationally, yet creatively, developed; allowing you to apply your competencies in the work place.
 The focus of this project should be of importance to the preceptor and to the organization for which you are interning and should be specifically designed for you to complete on your own.
 Upon completion of this project you should have a work product that can be placed in your portfolio to share with future potential employers.

In the first two weeks of your internship, you should meet with your preceptor to design the project that you will be completing for the semester; this project must be something that is both meaningful and tangible. Your final course submission will be a brief Power Point summation of the project that you completed for the organization. This PowerPoint assignment is a very detailed description of the project that you developed for your internship as if you were presenting your project to the Board of Directors of the organization. You will also be expected to complete a brief White Paper (see for more info on how to structure a white paper).

Format of the Final Project that you will submit will be:

A PowerPoint presentation of no more than 10 slides:
 “Introduction” slide, detailing where you interned
 Description of the project
 “Significance of the Project” slide, detailing why your project was significant to you and to the organization
 “Significance of the Internship” slide, detailing how the internship was significant to you and to your future “career and competency development”
 The Impact of your project on the organization (as distinct from Significance to the Organization – why the project was initiated-‐‐ Impact on the organization should identify how the project affected or would affect organizational results)
 Specify the competencies demonstrated

Students who participate ongoing projects must specify their role in the project.
 You must maintain the high standards of graduate level work apply the theoretical concepts and competencies that you learned in other classes. Please do not think that you can throw something together at the last minute and still receive a good grade.
 Take time and fully develop your project; if you have any questions about how best to display your work, please seek assistance during the planning stages so that you can come up with something meaningful.
 Projects will be graded based on content, organization, creativity, grammar, and application of the subject matter. All portions of your project must be well-‐‐written, clear, and complete. Grammatical errors, especially, will not be tolerated at this level.

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