Imaging utilization Essay




Research one of the following HOT TOPICS in the area of Imaging Informatics, and write a short paper (5 pages) summarizing your findings.

APA style with references citations.

  • Imaging utilization:       Discuss how information technology is being used to control the overutilization of imaging. This involves computerized physician order entry, decision support tools and appropriateness criteria.
  • IHE: Describe one of the IHE Integration Profiles, focusing on how it can be implemented to solve practical problems in an imaging department.
  • DICOM:       Describe the Web Access to DICOM Persistent Objects (WADO) service
  • HL7: Describe the new features and functions of HL7 version 3.0, and how it offers an improvement over the current version 2.0
  • RHIO: Discuss Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO) and how they are useful in imaging. Give examples of successful implementations or demonstrations.
  • EMR: If you have experience implementing an EMR system, report on the practical aspects of the implementation, including both success stories and pitfalls. How have processes changed since the EMR introduction?
  • EMR: If you don’t have personal experience with EMR, discuss how you might implement an EMR to maximize the incentives (and minimize the penalties) under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Discuss how EMR will improve processes at your institution.
  • Advanced visualization: Research an advanced visualization mode (eg, volume rendering) and discuss its effect on workflow and diagnosis in the radiology department
  • Decision support:       Discuss decision support tools used in radiology (CAD, Yottalook, ARRS GoldMiner, STATdx, Medicalis, etc.) and report on how they are used or can be used to improve performance and outcomes in radiology
  • Cloud computing / Vendor-neutral archives (VNA)
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