Identifying a Professional Problem


For this unit’s assignment, you will consider a problem within your specialized field and explain how the problem is related to your purpose and interests. Frame up a problem within the context of an organization appropriate for your specialization focus. If you are within a higher education specialization, you will use an institution that serves post-secondary, and not P-12, students.

You will also explain how the problem you choose is relevant to your future career goals.

Complete the following:

Use the Identifying a Professional Problem Template to create a paper that has the following headings and that addresses each element below:

  • Problem identification.
    • Describe a problem related to your specialization that will be the focus of your project.
    • Define any important terms or jargon related to your problem with which individuals outside your field may be unfamiliar.
    • Define the context in which the problem occurs:
      • For higher education learners, this should be an institution that serves postsecondary and not P–12 students.
  • Justification for choosing the problem.
  • Explain why the problem is relevant in your specialized field.
    • Why is it important?
    • How do you know it is significant?
    • What is the scope of the problem? For instance, who is affected by the problem?
  • Personal thoughts on the problem.
  • Describe how this problem is relevant to your interests and purpose in your field.
  • Describe your beliefs and personal point of view on this problem.
  • Describe any other professional observations you have about this problem.
  • Relationship of problem to specialization.
  • Explain how your problem is relevant to your specialization and the goals for your master’s work: how does this problem relate to your specialization?

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