Identify strategic change needs through an analysis of organizational objectives

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Human Resources Management (Manage organizational change)

Please address the following headings with supported examples for each one


  1. Identify strategic change needs through an analysis of organizational objectives
  2. Review exciting policies and practices against strategic objectives to identify change requirements
  3. Monitor trends in the external environment to identify events or trends that impact on the achievement f organizational objectives
  4. Identify major operational change requirements due to performance gaps, business opportunities or threats, or management decisions
  5. Review and prioritize change requirements or opportunities with relevant managers
  6. Consult specialists or experts to assists in identification of major change requirements and opportunities
  7. Undertake cost-benefit analysis for high priority change requirements and opportunities
  8. undertake risk analysis, identify barriers to change, and agree and record mitigation strategies
  9. Develop change management project plan
  10. obtain approvals from relevant authorities to confirm the change management process
  11. Assign resources to the project and agree reporting protocols with relevant managers
  12. In consultation with relevant groups and individuals, develop communication or education plan to promote the benefits of the change to the organization and to minimize loss
  13. Arrange and manage activities to deliver the communication or education plan to relevant groups and individuals
  14. Consult with relevant groups and individuals for input into the change process
  15. Identify and respond to barriers of the change according to risk management plans
  16. Action intervention and activities set out in project plan according to project timetable
  17. Activities strategies for embedding the chnage
  18. Conduct regular evaluation and review and modify project plan where appropriate to achieve the change program objectives

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