HW3: Critique of One Peer-Reviewed Article


Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to critically read a peer-reviewed article relevant to your research question. You will be providing a sociological summary, analysis and critique. You should write it with intent to incorporate it into your paper, and to start to establish how you will organize your literature review.

The completed assignment (2-4pgs) should include:

  • Statement of the thesis/research question in the article
  • Clear statement of how this article is relevant to your research project’s thesis/research statement/question
  • Brief description of:
    1. Methodology and analysis used –
      1. Quantitative: primary data analysis – from data collected by the researcher OR secondary data analysis – from a database; statistical model used
      2. Qualitative (e.g. interview, content analysis, observation)
  • Level of analysis (micro, meso, macro)
  1. Sample size and composition (i.e. n=2,500; 90% respondents white females ages 21-48 drawn from a national probability sample)
  2. Identification of key variables and their measurement
    1. Independent variable(s) and dependent variable(s)
    2. Measurement: e.g. gender role attitudes were measured on a Likert Scale (1-5) from very traditional to very egalitarian.
  3. Hypotheses of the authors
  • Key findings
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses of article
    1. Should include at least 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses
  • Any paraphrased or quoted work must include APA formatted in-text citations and reference
  • Notes: Be aware of the structure of a scientific article such as this: introduction of the problem, literature review, methodology, findings, and discussion. Notice that the authors begin with a discussion of theories (and prior literature) that predict/explain their thesis an hypotheses
  • This should be written not bullet points); it will be graded/reviewed not only for content but for logic, clarity, and mechanics (grammar, spelling, etc). Remember to proofread your work carefully. The assignment should be 2-4 double-spaced, typed pages.

2 pages

APA – 2 References