Human Resource Management Essay


This paper discusses different aspects of human resource development, comparing two organization: Mark and Spencer, and Debenhams

Paper Requirements

Task 1

LO 1.1 Distinguish Between Personnel Management and Human Resource Management

LO 1.2 Assess the Function of the Human Resource Management in Contributing To Organisational Purposes

LO 1.3 Evaluate the Role and Responsibilities Of Line Managers In Human Resource Management

LO 1.4 Analyse the Impact of the Legal and Regulatory Framework on Human Resource Management

Task 2

LO 2.1 Analyse the Reasons for Human Resource Planning In Organisations

LO 2.2 Outline the Stages Involved In Planning Human Resource Requirements

LO 2.3 Compare the Recruitment and Selection Process in Two Organisations

LO 2.4 Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Recruitment and Selection Techniques In Two Organisations

Task 3

LO 3.1 Assess the Link between Motivational Theory and Reward

LO 3.2 Evaluate the Process of Job Evaluation and Other Factors Determining Pay

LO 3.3 Assess the Effectiveness of Reward Systems in Different Contexts

LO 3.4 Examine the Methods Organisations Use to Monitor Employee Performance

Task 4

LO 4.1 Identify the Reasons for Cessation of Employment with an Organisation

LO 4.2 Describe the Employment Exit Procedures Used By Two Organisations

LO 4.3 Consider the Impact of the Legal and Regulatory Framework on Employment Cessation Arrangements

11 Pages

Harvard – 10 References

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