Huck follows his heart in Mark Twain’s Adventures of Huckleberry Finn


Critical Analysis Of Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

For this assignment, you must write an essay (5-7 pages) in which you analyze a character (or you may compare or contrast two characters), a conflict, OR a theme in Twain’s novel. You may choose one of the following topics or write one and get it approved by your professor. The paper must have four outside sources (sources from your text are ok), but the sources must be literary criticism or scholarly sources regarding your topic of choice. Please, as always, use the MLA format for this essay. (See the LIBGUIDE on D2L for help with finding sources).

Conflicts for analysis:

  • Life on the Shore Vs. Life on the River
  • Huck’s Sound heart vs. His deformed conscience
  • Pap as a father vs. Jim as a father
  • Conformity vs. Non-conformity
  • Civilization vs. Nature
  • Tom vs. Huck
  • Religion vs. spirituality

Characters for analysis: (remember, for character analysis, you may choose to trace the change in a character, or analyze the characteristics of a character, or show the ways in which the author reveals character, or compare and/or contrast two characters).

  • Tom
  • Huck
  • Jim
  • Pap
  • The women characters of the novel

Ideas for theme exploration: (for this topic you must come up with an assertion in which you state what Twain may be conveying about these topics)

  • Freedom
  • Escape
  • Money and its impact on society
  • Prayer/religion
  • Alcoholism
  • Violence and its impact on society
  • Conformity vs. Non-conformity

You could also analyze:

  • How this novel fits the definition of realism.
  • How this novel uses satire to convey its central idea
  • How this novel is or is not racist
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