The paper discusses the topic “HOW TO BETTER PREVENT OFFSHORE OIL SPILL”

Sensitivity to oil pollution of the marine environment has increased, and oil spills are still perceived to be a very serious issue. In the past few years, oil spills have occurred, causing loss of human life, damage to seabirds and other wildlife inhabitants, and economic loss for the oil companies and local fisherman. The publication One-petro will be used heavily for this research. Based on the results of the research, the following three best possible solution will be focused and further researched. To begin with, oil and shipping industry employees should be trained and organize frequently drills. Therefore, they can have a plan in place to respond fast and prevent oil spills. In addition, technology should be used to modify the old mechanism that are already in place, like the blowout preventer, and enhance the new ones such as Satellite SAR and OSIS oil spill identification system to cope with issue of oil spills. Finally, government regulations should be strict enough to prevent oil spills. Also, the government and operating companies should work together on how to implement the guidelines better. The scope of this paper will focus more on solution of offshore oil spills.

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