How might 3D printing affect the current Value Network


3D Printing in Education

Reading Response 3:

This is your third question for the Disrupting Class book reading responses. Choose one and reply in approximately 300 words in a Word document.

  • How might 3D printing affect the current Value Network (see fig 5.1) in education? If teachers or groups of teachers create their own instructional materials, how would this affect the accepted materials adoption process?
  • The digital divide is frequently cited as a barrier to increasing cognitive capacity related to technology skills. It stands to reason that young children could increase their capacity to understand or visualize spatial relationships by using 3D design software like Printshop on portable devices. What could communities do to level the playing field in regard to getting young children exposure to 3D designing applications? Could VPK programs, libraries and possibly daycare programs have an influence? In the absence of electronic technology, could something as simple as building toys like legos help children develop spatial skills?

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