How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business Assignment



Carla O’Dell, Cindy Hubert. 2011. The New Edge in Knowledge: How Knowledge Management Is Changing the Way We Do Business. John Wiley & Sons Inc.

SECTION 1 ******

  1. What is the significance of “user driven” and “employee choice” aspects of social networking? How does social networking redefine “asset”? How can KM program best take advantage of social networking from your perspectives and experiences? (p109-116).Elaborate “ride the wave” and “your organization is not facebook” of social networking from your perspective? (p110-111)
  2. Elaborate “imitate what works” and “observe what really happens” of social networking from your perspective? (p111-112)
  3. Elaborate “trust but verify” and “Encourage extended Networks” of social networking from your perspective? (P112-113)
  4. Elaborate “use social networking as an adjunct to expertise location” of social networking from your perspective? What is expertise location? How does it compare to social networking? (p113-114)

SECTION 2 ********

  1. From your perspective, what do we need to do once we have determined the KM Enterprise strategy and approaches? What are the key roles needed in a KM program? What are the areas that are of great interest to executives and KM professionals? (P 117-127). What is the governance group for KM program? What does a KM governance group provide? What roles does the governance group perform? Who are usually included in the Governance Group? What are the differences between Chief Information Officer and KM Leander for KM? (P 117-118)
  1. What roles does KM Core Group Perform? How does KM Core Group function? Who should the KM Core Group work with and why? What are the responsibilities of KM Core Group? How big should the KM Core Group be and why? What are the KM Leader, KM Specialist, KM Communication Director, and IT/Business Analyst, and associated responsibilities? (P 118-123)
  2. What do KM Design Teams do? Why are they needed? How are they different from KM Core Group? What functions do the KM Design Teams perform? How should the KM Design Teams operate in an organization? What kind of investment approaches should KM have? (P 123-125)
  3. How does funding evolve between the corporate and business unit? What is the balance that should be achieved between corporate funding and business unit funding and why? (P 113-114)

SECTION 3*******

  1. Why is knowledge sharing culture important? How do sharing and learning relate to each other? How does technology and people play a role in this context? What is a Knowledge-Hoarding cultures? What messages does “lead by example” try to convey? What are the 10 desirable types of leaders for KM? (p129-132)
  2. What are the questions one should ask to identify the potential issues in developing knowledge sharing culture? What does “brand aggressively” mean in building a knowledge sharing culture? How should one brand the knowledge management program? What are the examples of “language matters” and “communication” in branding Knowledge Management program? (p133-136)
  3. How do “reward and recognize” work in a knowledge sharing culture? What are the general principles of “reward and recognize”? How do we make KM fun? (p137-139)
  4. How do we make KM fun? What are the various example to make KM fun? What are your own examples of “make KM fun”? (p139-142)
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