How is nursing both a science and an art: American Nurses Movie



  • APA STYLE ( 12 font lines, double space, one inch margins)
  • At least five sentences per answer.
  • It has to be based on “American Nurses Movie”, reflecting upon what impressed you in the movie and its representation or depiction of the concept being addressed.
  • Please cite the movie on APA style

Questions to answer

  • How is nursing both a science and an art AND is able to discuss his/her philosophy of nursing as is applied to this definition.
  • What is the science of the discipline and practice of nursing and what is the essence of nursing.
  • How is technology influencing the nature of nursing and is technology allowing nurses with disabilities who 50 years ago would have been unable to practice, NOW join the profession.
  • Where does one learn to care and how does that relate to, influence how nursing is viewed as a humanistic discipline and or/a human science.
  • What is the face of nursing
  • What are vulnerable conversations (difficult conversations) in nursing.
  • What does it mean to be an ethical whistleblower
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