How HRM operates in CHINA when compared to the UK

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As an external management consultant I am tasked by a large UK multinational company to provide an HR report to the board of directors on the pros and cons of operating in CHINA. Using the academic and practical resources, and provide an analysis of how HRM operates in CHINA when compared to the UK and make final recommendations to the board of directors on what key issues the company might encounter when operating in CHINA and how they may address these issues.

The report will deal with the following issues:
1. The HR context of CHINA(including national institutions, culture(can use maslow’s) and national labour market).
2. The consequences for HRM in the fields of

  • recruitment and selection
  • training and development(social exchange vs. human capital theory)
  • employment relations

This report must be identified the key features of CHINA and critically evaluate their significance for Human Resource in the international context.

1. It is a 2500 words report.
2. Have titles and sub-sections, but no abstract
3. Use at least 22 references(mainly referring to published journal articles)
4. Harvard Referencing System*

Assessment Criteria
1. Subject knowledge(20%)–HR
2. Theory application(30%)
3. Critical analysis and reflection(30%)
4. Academic style(10%)
5. Presentation(10%)–clear structure and presentation of ideas(includes labelling, figures and, tables and titles)

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