How do the critical issues in your program of study influence the portfolio that you will put together


MAE 596 DB1- Current Issues Related to Your Concentration of Study

How do the critical issues in your program of study influence the portfolio that you will put together? Identify and discuss current issues related to your concentration area or to your profession.

Note: A good resource for information on current events is often the news. Please feel free to bring your findings/questions/inquiries raised from it.

****My program of study is Education, concentration in Training and Development****

Below are 2 current issues that could be used for this assignment. I copied verbatim information from the internet. Please be careful to rephrase anything that is used in the discussion board.

Understanding Social Media. Companies are quickly embracing social media tools, as well as investing in social collaboration tools to better engage employees and foster a learning culture. Although social has become mainstream, companies still lack the knowledge and insight around how to use these tools for learning and development. Of the 59 percent of companies using social for their learning strategies, only 24 percent say they are effective. One reason is that companies are limited in the social tools they are using. Companies are using document sharing, discussion forms, and blogs, but they aren’t generally using video or micro-blogs—which our research shows are more effective—to improve their learning functions. Companies must educate themselves on the value of social learning and invest in providers that offer solutions that drive business outcomes.

Considering Adaptive Learning. Adaptive learning is a methodology that breaks traditional models and allows employees to learn at their own pace. It has gained popularity with educational institutions, referred to as “adaptive teaching,” where a teacher will gather information on individual students to learn what they need to do to improve their learning. In the workforce, adaptive learning is conducted similarly. Employees can be monitored individually and in real time to determine what learning approach will best suit their needs. It has advantages for younger generations entering the workforce that have expectations around flexibility and interaction. Adaptive learning can be effective at improving efficiency, as well as employee engagement and retention since it allows employees to build confidence and overall expertise. Companies may want to consider breaking traditional learning methods by introducing aspects of adaptive learning.