Hospitality Marketing Project, Part 2: Golden Krust franchise


About Golden Krust franchise

Hospitality Marketing Project, Part 2

This is a continuation of the marketing plan that you and your team began in Part 1. Your project should contain the following sections, in the following order. Please use the name of each section as your subject heading, and start each section on a new page. Please double space.

  1. Introduction (5 points, ½ to 1 page) Summarize your conclusion from Part 1, and provide an introduction to the rest of your paper by providing a brief overview of what you will discuss.
  1. Product Analysis (30 points, 3 – 5 pages). Describe, in detail, the elements of your product offer. Identify each product element as core, facilitating, supporting, or augmented. Chapter 9 can help you here.
  1. Pricing Strategy (10 points, 1 page). Provide a price range for your core product. Explain the pricing strategy. How do your prices compare to those of your competitors? Please, no “filler.” (For example, do not print out the entire menu and include it here.)
  1. Promotion Mix (40 points, 5 – 6 pages).
  2. Describe the promotions that the franchisor does. (For example, is there a national advertising program? What is the website like? Does the company send out coupons?) Identify the type of each promotion (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing, social media).
  3. Assuming that your project is a “go” (regardless of your conclusion in Part 1), what additional promotion ideas do you have for your unit? Be as specific as possible with your ideas. As in part 4a, identify the type of each promotion.
  1. Conclusion (5 points, ½ – 1 page). Have you changed your mind since Part 1 about whether or not you would open this operation? Please explain.
  1. Works cited/Grammar/Spelling (5 points):

Use the MLA method, making sure to cite your sources throughout your paper. Papers without a works cited list will not be accepted. Research must include additional resources other than the course textbook and other course material.

Evaluation by your Team Members (5 points) – Submitted separately

Please submit a confidential evaluation of your team members’ work, using the form provided in ULearn. Your teammates’ evaluations of your performance will be 5% of your Project Part 2 grade.

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