History 1301:Book Review – Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane


Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

Answer the following questions about the reading in two or three paragraphs for each question. 20pts. each

  1. What is a red badge of courage?
  1. A literary device used by Crane involved the descriptive use of sound and silence in the book. What does sound and silence represent? In your opinion, how effective is the contrast?
  1. A major theme of the book is the indifference of nature and the universe to humanity’s suffering. Identify three symbols of this indifference and how they are important to the book?
  1. Considering that Crane had never seen a real battle, do you think his combat scenes are realistic? Since the majority of you have never seen combat either, what are your own interpretations of battles and wars? How did you arrive at your answer? Has the book changed your opinion of war in any way?
  1. Describe Henry’s character (personality)? Did he emerge a better man at the end of the book or does he still suffer from immaturity? Explain.
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