Health Care Minicases: You are a new administrator at Jonestown Medical Center…


Respond to three of the scenarios below. Please label your mini-cases.  Your response is to be in a word document format( doc. or docx. only).  Cover all of the issues in each case you choose and use good writing and presentation techniques and address the issue(s) in detail.  Answer in bullet format where possible.

You are a new administrator at Jonestown Medical Center. You receive a telephone call from the nurse manager of the emergency room. Dr. Smith, an emergency room physician who is an employee of your hospital, has just reported for duty. The nurse manager suspects that Dr. Smith is intoxicated. What do you do?
You are the practice manager of Docs R Us, Ltd., a large multi-specialty medical practice employing over 100 physicians. You are conducting a random review of billing for doctors in the practice and you discover that one of the internists in your group who treats mostly Medicare recipients has been checking off the wrong code for her procedures on the billing form. The procedures on the patient record do not match the billing form codes. You pull up her files for the past 3 months and find a pattern of up-coding. When you meet with her to review this miscoding, she becomes very defensive and angry. What do you do?
You are the assistant director of the hospital medical staff office at The Rural Outreach Community Hospital in a tiny town in Arkansas. It is your job to verify physician credentials for staff privileges. Your hospital receives an application from a physician for staff privileges. On his application it states that he graduated from medical school in El Salvador. When you call to verify this, you are told that the medical school burned down 2 years ago and all the records were destroyed. What do you do?
You are the CEO of Sleepy Hollow Retirement Community and Nursing Center. A resident’s family has come to you to complain that their loved one, who is on pain medication, is in intolerable pain. Her medications appear not to be working anymore. One of the family members states, “My 90-year-old mother saw the nurse put the pain medicine in her pocket.” What do you do?

You are a new administrator at a hospital, well know for pulmonary medicine. The physicians in the ICU, the ER, and the Department of Pulmonary Medicine have demanded to meet with you about the shortage of Respiratory Therapists. You stall them for 48 hours so you can gather data. What types of information will you need to collect to have an intelligent conversation with this powerful group of physicians?
An African American woman enters a healthcare facility where she is to receive an MRI of her spine.  She has long hair in the style known as “locks”.  She is taken to white male MRI Technician for a pre-procedure interview.  He briefly describes the procedure and tells her she will have to remove all metal objects such as hair pins and jewelry.  He also stays she should remove her hair for the process.  The woman tells him that her hair is her own and cannot be removed.  He responds stating that he has served many black women who have weaves and other false hair held in with pins and he is just being cautious.  The woman is highly insulted and asks to speak to the administrator on duty.  That is you, what do you do?
This is an exercise in your management abilities and knowledge.  It should come from your own thoughts.  References are not required.  Cover each situation thoroughly.

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