Health Care: How management can influence the problem in your selected setting


Paper 2 should focus on how management, specifically leadership, can influence the problem in your selected setting. You may decide to pick a weakness and further develop the problem in this paper. Please be careful not to restate your first paper.  In addition to your assigned readings, you need to review the literature to understand how these issues have been examined and discussed by researchers and policy makers. This paper should be 2-3 pages, excluding your references. Your paper should be outlined in the following manner with clearly marked headings. (Introduction, Define the problem, Management/Leadership, Conclusion)

I.    Intro
II.    Define the problem
a.    What are the consequences of the problem
b.    Who is affected,
c.    How are they affected,

III.    Management or Leadership
a.    What can management do to alleviate the problem
b.    Do they or can they exacerbate the problem
c.    Which style of leadership is suggested to deal with the problem and why?

IV.    Conclusion

2 Pages

APA 2 References

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