Growing and internationalizing an entrepreneurial firm


Identify issues related to growing and internationalizing the entrepreneurial firm
Institutions both formal and informal enable and constrain entrepreneurship around the world. Resources and capabilities largely determine entrepreneurial success and failure. Some suggest that foreign markets are graveyards for entrepreneurial firms that have overextended themselves. Others argue that foreign markets represent the future for SMEs.

You work for a small foreign language services company. You have been asked to present a strategy to enter into the foreign market. Identify issues related to growing and internationalizing this entrepreneurial firm that you will need to consider. Determine if you will internationalize by venturing abroad.

Provide rationale for your decisions.

One good resource you can use to complete this activity is Common Sense Advisory: Top 20 Translation Companies. This Web site can be found by entering the search term translation companies at the global EDGE Resource Desk search box located at Once you find the Common Sense Advisory Web site, analyze the table. The data could lead you to many different conclusions.

Assignment should be one to two page(s) in length.

You must reference 2 to 3 quality, peer-reviewed journal articles in your paper.

Reference all sources using APA format.

1 page

AP – 2 References

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