Group Cohesiveness Article Review


This is the article

Article Review/Analysis

  1. Written review/analysis must contain:
    • Summary of article
    • Personal reaction to the article
    • Reference and citation in APA style
  2. Written review/analysis must be word processed, doubled spaced, and no more than 2 pages.
  3. The article must address the questions below taking into consideration the consequences of belonging to a group.

How does the article help support the ideas of Group Cohesiveness?
What are the benefits and cost of belonging to a group of sports fans?
How might Deindividuation play a role in the violence behavior at sporting events?
What is the relationship between the cause of conflict in the article?
The article states that there needs to be more research done in the area of violence at sporting events.  What kind of research could be done in the area of Groups that might help analyze causes of violence at sporting events?
Based on this article, what kind of personality might be more likely to end up at an Emergency Room during a sporting event?