GOV 2305 Answers



  1. From which document is the passage above excerpted?
  2. Who wrote it?
  3. When was it written?
  4. Who was the father of enlightenment?
  5. Identify at least five elements of the passage quoted above are a reflection of the “Enlightenment Philosophy” evident in the writings of john Locke and Thomas Hobbes?
  6. In the quoted passage above, which five elements do you see that would relate to “Basic English Liberties” that have been long held beliefs and traditions considered by British subjects then and Americans today to be ancient in origin and appearing as grievances in out landmark documents?
  7. Which documents, written previous to the one quoted above, show the same beliefs or establish the same rights as the passage quoted?
  8. Where in the document excerpted above do you see mention of or references to a supreme deity (god)?
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