Financial Industry Paper


Now that you better understand the attributes that define you as an employee and attributes that companies value and expect from their employees, explore the attributes of companies.

Find at least 10 companies representing your major (Keep the list).

  1. 2+ local
  2. 2+ national (large)

Learn something about the current industry and the companies.

  1. Use Google, other search engines, and company websites. Even try their links on Facebook and Tweeter.
  2. Try an industry related organization website. Think of joining one!

Identify specific elements, indicators, and metrics.

  1. Ads on what “they” say is important.
  2. What does the news say about the industry, the company?
  3. What does the financial market say about the industry?
  4. What major economic indicators effect the industry and why?
  5. What threats and opportunities exist?

Quickly explore their job opportunities for later reference.

Use a 5-column table in Word to analyze one company from your list.

  1. List the attributes in the columns and the perspectives from a – d (below) in rows.
  2. Do an in-depth review of the effects these attributes (etc.) have on you as:
  3. An employee.
  4. An owner (stock?).
  5. A customer.
  6. A competitor.

Use the XMind Cause and Effect template to lists all of the attributes you discovered.

  1. Place the attributes in the areas you feel appropriate.
  2. Make a Printscreen of your results for class

Bring the lists to class.

Write a 75 to 150-word response of your reaction to the review.

Paste you response into the body of your submission and include:

  1. The name of the company you researched.
  2. Name one industry organization.
  3. The top 10 attributes, elements, metrics, ratios, comparisons, or evaluations you discovered.
  4. The table.
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