Explain how “ready” you think Big Data is for business right now


Use of big data in companies

First, using Hype Cycle as a tool, explain how “ready” you think Big Data is for business right now.
Second, one of the other top emerging technology trends closely related to Big Data is the Internet of Things (IoT). Explain how you think the IoT trend will change Big Data in the coming years. We recommend that you do some research using Google to understand the IoT trend, and use examples to make your explanation as clear as possible!
Third, research how Big Data is being used in one of the following industries (or the industry/company that you work for), and then answer the two questions below.

  • healthcare
  • financial services
  • sports
  1. Discuss how new types of data are being collected and analyzed to find insights in the industry.
  2. Do you think it is strategically important for businesses in this industry to “jump on the big data bandwagon” to compete? Why or why not?

4 pages

APA 6 References