EXP 105: Week 4 Personal Strategy Card


Personal Strategy Card. As you read in Chapter 4 section 4.4, the centerpiece of the rehearsal phase of metacognition is the strategy card. After decoding tasks and strategizing how to FIT your Learning Patterns to the task, you can use your knowledge of your Learning Patterns to develop personal strategies to direct your efforts. The most efficient way to do this is to develop a personal strategy card.

Strategy cards convert general study skills into personalized strategies for learning based on each learner’s Patterns. Personal strategy cards are essential to effective rehearsal because they help you address the requirements that you have decoded from the assignment and they help you connect to the instructor’s expectations. Strategy cards help you organize your approach to achieving success on the task. They allow you to practice “smarter, not harder.”

You are more effective when you develop a strategy card for each major task or assignment. In doing so, you become more disciplined and you match your efforts to each requirement. In preparation for your reflection assignment that you will complete in Week 5, we will use the Week 5 Final Reflection assignment instructions for the decoding section of this strategy card. This way, next week, you’ll be able to approach your assignment with intention as you skillfully apply your Learning Patterns.


Your task is to complete your own Personal Strategy Card.

  • Watch the Completing Your Personal Strategy Card video.
  • You will be filling out the Personal Strategy Card form to complete the assignment. Click to view a Model Personal Strategy Card (in the online classroom). Many student have found that the instructions in this guide was invaluable for completing the assignment successfully.
    • Section A: List your LCI scores in the indicated boxes on the Personal Strategy Card.
    • Section B: Carefully describe the degree to which you use each of your Learning Patterns. Refer to the Personal Learning Profile you developed for your Week Two assignment and any feedback provided by your instructor to determine if you need to refine your responses as you complete this section.
    • Section C: Critically review the Final Reflection assignment instructions and decode them. Click here to download a copy of the Week 5 Final Reflection instructions (in the online classroom). Identify all verbs and specific terms from the assignment instructions and describe how each Learning Pattern will be used to effectively complete the Week 5 assignment.
    • Section D: Explain how you will forge, intensify, or tether (FIT) your Learning Patterns to implement personal strategies so you can complete the Week Five assignment efficiently and effectively. If you do not need to FIT a Pattern, include a description of the strategies you naturally use which help you to be successful on these types of tasks.
  • Save your work and then submit your Word document using Waypoint.

EXP 105: Week 5 Assignment- Final Paper

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