Examine the origins of the Cold War


Make sure to thoroughly answer each part of each question.  Your answer to this question should be 1-3 pages in length. Do one from this section.

  1. Examine the origins of the Cold War.  What were the essential problems?  What events and ideas were crucial in the development of the Cold War?  Cite specific  examples of events that happened because of the Cold War.  How and why does the Cold War end?
  2. What was the impact of decolonization in the post-WWII period?  Why did decol-onization happen? How did decolonization affect and how was it affected by the Cold War?  How did the newly-independent former colonies impact society in western nations?
  3. Consider the role of Israel in the Arab world. How has Israel survived for the past half century? What steps have been made toward peace?  Is Israel the main stabi-lizing or the main destabilizing agent in the Middle East?
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