Evaluating Iphone


Evaluating Iphone

You will evaluate a particular product, performance, OR place by  stating a clear judgment and supporting that judgment  with  commonly  recognize criteria or standards.    Basically, you will be writing a review without using research or looking online for ideas.

When evaluating a topic,  you must be  familiar  with it, or at least  be  able  to revisit   and review  it as necessary  –  absolutely  no research  allowed.   Think back  to Lamott  and her food reviews – how  many times  did  she revisit the restaurants?

Some more topics to choose  from (no research!): Products:  clothing,  cell phone,  car, food/drink

Performances:  a play,  TV show,  movie,  a previously  recorded concert

Places:  restaurant,   library,  bookstore,   coffee  shop, park,  gym,  campus  locations


Pay  special  attention  to the ways  you  choose  to explain  your topics  –  you should  try to use various  explanatory   strategies   to reach  your  audience,   such as using  examples,  explaining   a process,  describing  clearly,  and analyzing  (causes  and effects/comparing  and contrasting)  whenever   possible .

Use this checklist as .you work your way through the chapter in Choices:

o  STEP  1: Explore  Your Choices p. 206-212

o  STEP 2: Write Your Discovery   Draft p.212-215

o  STEP 3: Revise   Your Draft p. 215-227

o  STEP 4: Edit Your Sentences  p. 228-233

o  STEP 5: Share  Your Essay p. 233-234

o  Chapter  Checklist  p. 234-235


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