Ethics Of Euthanasia In Healthcare



This paper provides a general overview of the healthcare ethics arguments on mercy killings also called euthanasia. It delves into the healthcare providers’ roles and participation in euthanasia, through a discussion-based literature review. A detailed research analysis on these different perspectives in this works will enable healthcare workers to participate in the euthanasia discussion. A significant number of peer-reviewed articles have been consulted in writing this report. Healthcare ethics arguments on their participation in euthanasia are guided principally by the philosophies of non-maleficence, justice, autonomy, and beneficence. Ethical arguments associated with the healthcare industry have been analyzed. From the healthcare provision perspective, arguments that evaluate the need for having euthanasia have been fronted, touching on both negative aspects as well as positive aspects of euthanasia about good nursing care. Most arguments in the care, profession and principle – centered approaches to healthcare ethics are used both contra and pro – euthanasia, in general, and the involvement of medical healthcare providers in particular.

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