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1. During the unit on Epistemology, students will construct a written assignment that will dovetail with the specific epistemological theories covered in that section of the course. The assignment will be a single essay that is step driven and may be described to the students in the manner seen below. While the sample directions below break the assignment into steps, this is a single essay and will be uploaded for each objective.
2. Student Directions:

a. Following the unit on Epistemology, each student will complete and turn in a written assignment. The stylistic
requirements for the assignment will be the completion of a four to five page essay that is stylistically clean and displays academic citation of all source material. The work will be typed and will include a works cited page. While the content requirements have been broken down into a series of steps that build upon one another and thus highlight our learning process (see below), this is to be written as a single, cohesive essay. The content steps are:

b. As you have been introduced to a number of epistemological theories during the last several weeks, you are to choose TWO of those theories and provide a critical evaluation of each theory. Upon identifying and explaining each
theory, you will then critically evaluate each theory. (This will tie to the Written Communication and Critical Thinking rubrics).

c. Next, you will transition from a direct analysis of an epistemological theory to an indirect analysis of a third theory. In this case, you are to either design your own cartoon or find a cartoon online that you believe comments on a third epistemological. After providing the cartoon, you will write an analysis of this image in which you identify and explain how the cartoon, in terms of its context and assumptions, comments on this third epistemological theory.
(This will Connect with the Critical Thinking and Written Communication rubrics, and will tie the visual to the written element)

d. Finally, you will conclude your paper with a personal discussion in which you identify the epistemological theory that you find most convincing and then critically explore how your choosing that theory will impact your own ethical self-awareness in different contexts and your cultural self-awareness as it is tied to such issues as civic responsibility or understanding your role in a regional, national, or global community. (This will tie to the Critical Thinking, Written Communication, Personal Responsibility, and Social Responsibility rubrics)

e. As you can see from the description, this assignment interconnects with the Core Curriculum Objectives and will be used as part of the core assessment process. Therefore, you need to make yourself familiar with and work towards accomplishing those goals found on the rubrics for Critical Thinking, Written Communication, Personal Responsibility, and Social Responsibility; these rubrics can be found at:

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