Environment and the growing population


Environment and the growing population and its rate of consumption
Choose a topic to write your research on that relates to the course content, and email the instructor with a brief description of your chosen topic.

The purpose is to encourage in-depth research and clear and systematic argument on a specified topic.

This is a short and formal paper of 1500-1800 words with proper citations and it is worth 20%. At least 2 sources from the course material and 2 academic sources must be cited.  based on both fact and theory, and you will be graded on your description and analysis of the research you have found.

Your paper should include the following:

Issue Introduction Current environmental issue, clearly stated as a problem that needs to be resolved, and which is ethical in nature
Position-Introduction Your position on the issue you have chosen, clearly stated, that indicates your side on the moral issue described above.
Argument/Reasons Body Your reasons/argument for your position, briefly explained and made directly relevant to supporting your position.
Objection(s) At least one paragraph A brief explanation of a possible objection to your argument. (just one)
Response At least one paragraph A brief explanation of how you would respond to the objection.
Conclusion At least one short paragraph A summary of what you have argued for in your paper.
Sources/Preliminary Bibliography A list of research sources, referenced in a Preliminary Bibliography, using any standard referencing style (used consistently).
Organization, spelling, grammar This assignment must be edited for spelling and grammar, and must be clearly organized. You must use full sentences.

Tips: One way to write this paper is to find an example in the news or elsewhere about a current environmental issue (like the melting of the polar ice cap), and then think about how this is a MORAL issue. That is, what harms are brought about to humans, animals, or nature, as a result of this particular environmental problem? A moral issue is something that has two sides to it. For example, I might say that ‘we ought to do something about global warming because it is melting the polar ice caps’, whereas someone else might say, ‘we should not do anything about the melting polar ice caps’. These are two different positions on the same issue.

So, simply take a side on the issue you have chosen, and then provide reasons to support your position.

If I want to support my position above, then I might say, ‘We ought to do something about global warming because it is melting the polar ices caps, because 1. It affects northern wildlife, like polar bears, 2., It is wrong to harm northern wildlife species because of the principles of Deep Ecology, and 3., because we ought to be concerned about protecting species for future generations.

Then I simply have to explain each of these 3 points in the body, providing support from the articles in the textbook, or from research I have found elsewhere.

Topics: Throughout this course, students will have the opportunity to keep track of possible topics for their research, and share them with others. Anything relating to the environment, including animals, and that is moral in nature, is a suitable topic. So keep your eyes and ears open, and take notice of what interests you and what you would like to write about.

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