Emerging Issues in the Field Of Disability


Emerging Issues in the Field Of Disability



Builds on your proposal and feedback received (an extension of your proposal): i.e. Select any two issues relevant to the field of disability, and/or through your own investigation, and for which you have written an initial proposal as n

(1) Describe each of the two issues in greater detail, building on the information provided in your proposal and clearly utilising feedback/suggestions received. It is okay to use some of the material from your proposal, in fact this is encouraged, but do try to restate it and add further information to highlight your evolving understanding of each issue.

(2) Identify what you see as any causal connections linking the two issues (i.e. are there factors you consider are underlying causes of/contributors to the issues you have identified?). If there is no apparent connection, make an attempt to explain why this seems to be the case.

(3) Where you are able to do so, outline how you think any of the theoretical perspectives we have touched on in the topic, or which you are otherwise aware of, help to explain each of the issues (more discussion about this as the semester progresses).

(4) Discuss whether it appears that there is hope of resolving or ameliorating (reducing) one or both of the issues you have been examining, to the satisfaction of all parties involved, especially those who have a disability. If so, describe what you consider needs to be done in order to bring about such a resolution. If not, then identify or suggest reasons why resolution seems either impossible or very unlikely.

  • Incorporating literature sources/references in addition to those in your proposal is important to indicate further reading and research in preparing the major assignment;
  • Utilising feedback from your proposal is a key indicator of your engagement with the topic, and with the assessment and feedback process.
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