Email to, requesting a full refund



Love at first listen is the only way to describe the way you felt when you discovered You enjoy dozens of styles of music, from Afrobeat and Tropicalia to mainstream pop and the occasional blast of industrial metal, and has them all for only $9.99 a month. You can explore every genre imaginable, listening to as many sound tracks as you like for a fixed monthly fee. The service sounded too good to be true–and sadly, it was. The service was so unreliable that you began keeping note of when it was unavailable. Last month, it was down for all or part of 12 days–well over a third of the month. As much as you like it, you’ve had enough.

YOUR TASK: Write an email to, requesting a full refund. To get the $9.99 monthly rate, you prepaid for an entire year ($119.88), and you’ve been a subscriber for two months now. You know the service has been out for at least part of the time on 12 separate days last month, and while you didn’t track outages during the first month, you believe it was about the same number of days.

1. Email Format (include: TO, FROM, SUBJECT)
2. Direct Approach to be used (your STATEMENT OF PROBLEM will be at the beginning)
3. Formal tone throughout (you are writing to a company)
4. Grammar/Spelling
5. Three parts to your message (opening, body, closing)
6. Clearly state what you think is a fair settlement

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