Effective Leadership Answers


MGT 500 Final Exam

45-point cumulative questions (2 page response each)

  1. What does effective leadership mean to you? Reference course material to support your position. Examples are also encouraged.
  1. Organizational culture is an important factor to consider across the functions of management. Write an essay describing how organizational culture impacts (or is impacted by) each function of management. I recommend using a specific organization to illustrate your points.

12-point questions (2 paragraph response each)

  1. Describe and illustrate (i.e., provide an example) the norm of reciprocity and the power of authority.
  2. What is the most important function of human resource management? Defend your position.
  3. There are a number of ways to evaluate and measure employee performance. Of the options, which would you recommend for the job of flight attendant at Southwest Airlines? Defend your choice.
  4. Kotter outlines 8 steps necessary for change. Which of these steps do you think is most important? Why? Which do you think is least important? Why?
  5. Measurement is a key aspect of a manager’s job (the control function). Describe two common workplace measures. Why do we measure these things, and what information do they provide for decision-making?

Directions: Answer all 7 questions. You are welcome to use any and all course (and outside) materials to answer the questions. As you have throughout this course, please cite all references you use, and include a full reference section at the end of the exam.

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