Effect of Music Therapy on Pain Control in Alzheimer’s Home Hospice Patients


Research Proposal: Effect of Music Therapy on Pain Control in Alzheimer’s Home Hospice Patients

The paper is a research proposal on Effect of Music Therapy on Pain Control in Alzheimer’s Home Hospice Patients.

I.    TITLE.  Clear and concise title providing an idea of the concepts associated with the research proposal.        /01
A.    Clearly introduces the problem or situation and related concepts to provide a generalized organization of the paper.        /02
B.    Background of situation or problem. State the problem with key supporting facts and data to stress the extent of the problem and why the problem needs to be addressed.         /04
C.    Statement of the purpose of the research proposal. Include specific aims and the benefits to be gained from the research proposal.          /04
D.    Significance of the research proposal to nursing practice and the potential or actual significance to society.        /03

A.    Discussion of theoretical relationships and/or propositions used to guide the research proposal. Include an established theory, if used.         /05
B.    Formulation of a research question or hypotheses. Include conceptual/theoretical and operational definitions of the major variables.        /04
A.    Literature to support proposal.  Evidence of synopsis and critical analysis of articles.  Minimum 6 current, scholarly references within 5 years; 1 theory reference, 3 primary, 2 your choice (the use of interdisciplinary articles as appropriate).        /04
A.    Research design may be qualitative or quantitative.  Please state rationale for choosing your design.        /04
B.    Identification of population and description of sample.        /02
C.    Data collection.
Describe how data (and setting if appropriate) will be collected.         /02
D.    Instrumentation.  Discuss instrument(s) and present relevant information about reliability and validity.  Provide the instrument or an article presenting the instrument or example items.
E.    Implementation process & Evaluation        /03 /04
A.    APA Format, correct grammar and spelling.
B.    Minimum 6 pages to maximum 8 pages (excluding references)             /03
Summary Comments:                                            TOTAL    /45

The topic for the paper would Music therapy helps in pain control in Alzheimer’s  home hospice patients. There is research done on how music therapy is effective in hospitalized hospice patients but not that much on hospice home patients and music therapy. It can be a quantitative proposal, with simple pre and post test and 2 person reliability and a valid instrument. you can use the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia Scale to assess pain

12 pages

APA – 14 References

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