Econ545 – Project 1 Neighbor Cindy


Situation B

Your neighbor Cindy wants to start a contracting business for installing solar panels. She has heard of the cost savings that households and businesses can make each year by installing solar panels on their roofs. Cindy has also heard of government incentives for installing solar panels. Being concerned about the environment and wishing to reduce pollution, Cindy thinks installing solar panels also serves a good social purpose. But she does not want to risk her life savings on a venture that might not succeed or become profitable enough. After hearing from you about taking this course in business economics, she decides to ask you for advice.

At first you are hesitant to give investment advice. Then you read the piece “US boosts ‘game-changer’ solar technology in bid for global market share” on page 374 of the textbook. You realize there are more pieces to the decision than Cindy is considering. You decide to research the market in terms of supply and demand, elasticity, costs of production, pricing, and economic or normal profit or loss. You want to provide Cindy with the most informed advice possible.