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This week your readings directed your attention to the issue of natural resources and our consumption of them, as well as questions about over population, global warming, and alternative energy sources. All of these issues can force us to examine our individual lives and consumption habits more deeply as well as looking at the bigger picture of how our society at large plays role.??

The Week 2 Lab is called the Ecological Footprint Quiz and is a tool that measures how much land and water we need to produce the resources we consume and to absorb the waste we make.You can then compare your Ecological Footprint with the biological capacity that exists globally. Learn more about what the quiz measure here

Once you have read the above information you can begin the quiz at Please be sure to answer each of the questions as accurately and honestly as possible. There are links with each question to help clarify when needed. You may need to use other resources to help you find some of the answers such as Along the way, please be sure to record ALL of your answers as well as ALL of your results at the end of the quiz (The quiz will not save them for you). When you have completed the quiz please create a document (Your Lab Write Up)with your quiz answers and results as well as the answers to the questions below (You do not need to retype questions from the quiz or below in your lab write up):

  1. Is your footprint higher or lower than you expected and how does it compare to our country’s average?
  2. What factors do you believe are the largest contributors to your ecological footprint?
  3. What changes/adjustments in your lifestyle would it take to decrease the size of your footprint???
  4. Do you feel this is a fair measure of your personal impact on the planet’s resources? Why? Why Not?
  5. How does technology play a role in your consumption habits and those of society at large???
  6. What did taking this quiz teach you and/or mean to you?

Neatly type up all of your results and answers in an MS Word Document.Once you save the document to your computer you will then submit this document using the Assignment function by clicking on the Red, Lab Title Link at the top of the page.

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