Don’t! The secret of self-control and Marshmallow experiment


1. Read the following article:

Lehrer, J. (2009, May 18). Don’t! The secret of self-control. The New Yorker. Retrieved from:

  1. Watch the following video:

            This video is entitled Marshmallow experiment”.

  1. Your reaction paper should contain a) a summary of the article and video, and b) a description of your personal reactions to the material. Papers should be approximately one and a half single-spaced pages in length, have one-inch margins, and use either the Calibri 12-point font or Times New Roman 12-point font (set for black ink). At least half of the paper should address your personal reactions to the assigned material. The content of the reaction paper is most important, but grammar/spelling errors will be penalized.
  1. Specifically, your reaction paper should:
  1. Have one section entitled “Summary” in which you provide a summary of the assigned materials. This section should be at least 1/2 page in length (single-spaced). Place an emphasis on summarizing the material in your own words. Use direct quotes only occasionally.
  1. Have one section entitled “Personal Reactions” in which you describe your personal reactions and opinions to the material (e.g., what you find to be important and/or significant about the material, areas of agreement and/or disagreement that you have with the material, ideas/thoughts that came to mind as you consider what was said, etc.). The “Personal Reactions” section of your paper should be at least as long as the “Summary” section, but should not exceed one page in length (single-spaced). Again, use direct quotes only occasionally.

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