Most great solutions to problems begin with some initial flaws. Quality solutions arise by refining ideas. Refine your solution to the problem by following the Three Steps in Refining process outlined in Ch. 10 and Ch. 11 of your text.

Produce your refinements using ONE form of Visual Organizer (see below). Include the following components in your Organizer:

  • Original issue
  • Initial solutions
  • Critical examination of best solution
  • Evaluation of the argument
  • Revised argument
  • Refined solution with implementation plan
  • Final solution

Format your final Visual Organizer by selecting ONE of the forms listed on the Website [], and include a Title Page, Introduction (stating the purpose of the assignment) and a Conclusion (stating what you learned in terms of the creative and critical process through this assignment). The website listed above is the best source for selection of a Visual (also called a Graphic) Organizer. This website includes a definition, how-to’s, resources, examples, mind mapping, helps for organizing an essay, links to other sites, and much more. You will find many other resources and sources for VO or GO’s on the Internet as well. (Note that Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software does have built-in resources for building specific kinds of VO and GO’s).

P.S. The paper is in doc file

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