Does a democracy breed an oligarchy- the rule of a wealthy few


1) What are your views concerning Plato’s problems with Democracy? Does a democracy breed an oligarchy- the rule of a wealthy few?

2) Does racial profiling exist? Have you or anyone you know, been a victim of such measures?

3) What are your thoughts about Marx’s philosophy, is it differrent than how you imagined Communism or what you’ve been told about Communism?

4) Do you agree with his concept of alienation? Have you or do you now, feel alienated from your work? Do you at times, work mainly to receive a paycheck?

5) Think of the last time that you felt discriminated against, what were the circumstances, how did you feel?

6) This week is the 50th Anniversary of President Johnson signing the Civil Rights Bill in 1964. Do you think that our society will ever be free from prejudice, racism and discrimination in terms of race, creed, gender, social- economic status, sexual preference, etc? Why or why not?

7) What do you think Martin L. King Jr. accomplished, or did not accomplish, by his fight for civil rights and his non violent civil disobedience philosophy?

8) What part of King’s ” Letter From Birmingham Jail” stood out for you?

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