Diversity of Racial Passing Paper


The paper is about Diversity of Racial Passing.

Write a proposal for an educational project focusing on short stories by African American writers (e.g., a teaching unit designed for a course at a community college, a high school, or a community project geared towards adult learners). Depending on your project, imagine your addressee to be an imagined mentor for junior faculty, a department chair, a high school principal, a head librarian of a public library, or a director of a temporary home for “homeless” residents or a local community organization. a title for your educational project (e.g. a teaching unit). If your project is part of a larger unit (e.g. a course), identify the place your project has within the larger unit.

  • Short info about the 3-5 short stories and other texts (title, author, and year) you plan to include (Your selection may include short stories we have read in class; but at least one story must be from an outside source. Other genres may include fairytales, blog entries, community members’ life stories);
  • a synopsis of each story/text and a brief introduction of each author;
  • a brief description of your audience/learning community (e.g. socio-demographics, learning background) reasons why you chose these stories and these authors This is the place where you demonstrate
    • your assessment of the appropriateness of your text selection for your audience and
    • your knowledge and assessment of critical discourse about African American short fiction, in general, and the place of your selected stories, in particular);
  • learning objectives and projected outcomes for your learners.

6 pages

APA Format