Diversity In Sport


Diversity In Sport

Using examples from race or gender, the student will select a topic of interest and email the topic to Michele Barton-Verdi through Blackboard.A maximum of two students per topic.Topic choices are listed under the course content.

Students will explore the dualities and perspectives of a topic and select one position to either support or reject.Using critical thinking skills and theoretical perspectives, students will investigate myths versus facts; identify the contradictions that exist within sports and discuss the implications to either women/men or minorities in sport and in society.

Each student will select one position and write a 3-5 page paper to either support or reject their position.The paper should include at least 8 resources.Do not use Wikipedia. The student will identify a position for the topic and then explore one in detail. The Final Paper is due during Week 6.The Final Paper will be your final exam.

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