Please answer each bullet with ONLY 4 sentences. Only respond using the number not the discussion.

  1. Go to the World Franchising Directory located at http://www.worldfranchising.com. Select any of the hottest new franchises that interest you and go to their Websites. View the site and identify the information about the financial requirements that you, as the franchisee, would have to meet. Be prepared to discuss. Describe the most appropriate form of ownership for your new franchise based on your current financial situation. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  1. Assume the form of your new business will be a partnership (if you have not already done so). Discuss the types of conflicts that may arise and how you could prevent them from arising in the first place.
  1. Based on the case study (“Firehouse Subs”), determine which of the three options executives are considering would be most beneficial to a single franchise owner. Explain your rationale.
  1. From the franchise you selected in bullet one, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a franchisee of the franchise you selected. Provide specific examples to support your response.
  1. Perform an analysis of the social / demographic, technological, economic, environmental / geographic, and political/legal / governmental segments to understand the general environment facing Union Pacific.
  1. Describe how Union Pacific will be affected by each of these external factors.
  1. Use the Internet to research the industry of your choice in light of the Five Forces of Competition Model. Analyze the industry you selected using the Five Forces of Competition Model to determine the impact of each of the five forces.
  1. Based on your analysis, determine if the industry is attractive or unattractive. Explain your rationale.
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