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  1. You are the assistant manager for a restaurant that is part of a casual dining restaurant group. One of your duties is the receiving of incoming products from suppliers. You also, with the general manager, meet occasionally with sales people of the suppliers that you do business with. On Tuesday morning, Ed, the sales person of your Fruit and Vegetable supplier calls you on the phone and says he has 2 tickets for the upcoming NBA game in your city. He says they are in the company’s corporate box and would you be interested in using them?
  2. A registered dietitian practicing clinical dietetics is suspected to be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol while on duty. Although the immediate supervisor in foodservice management does not have proof, various signs of drug and/or alcohol abuse persist. The foodservices dietetics manager is torn about how to approach this situation but fears that patient care could be compromised if this situation is not addressed and resolved.
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