Discussion Against Fracking


Discussion: Fracking

A controversial issue in the news around the US and the world is the technique of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas, or “fracking”. Fracking involves injecting water, sand, and chemicals deep under ground at high pressures to explode, or fracture, shale layers, thereby releasing and forcing natural gas/oil deposits up the drilled well back to the surface.

Proponents claim that fracking has been done safely in some form for about 60 years, supplies us with much needed energy, reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources, provides much needed jobs and economic benefits to local and regional economies, and has not been proven unsafe by any government agency.

Opponents claim that fracking fluid contains toxics such as benzene and arsenic which can be released during fracking and related activities, polluting the air, water, and soil, negatively impacting the health of those close to well sites, and lowering property values. Fracking also releases large amounts of climate changing methane, far more potent than CO2. They further claim that the oil and gas industry uses its wealth and political connections to stifle debate, research, protective legislation, and our green energy future.

What do you think? Please research fracking, arrive at an informed, researched opinion, and make substantive posts in the discussion area, citing your sources.

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