Disaster response plan for the California State Community


For California state use what you have learned throughout the semester to write a disaster response plan for that community. I am not expecting a full plan, but rather a basic framework with the considerations we’ve talked about throughout the semester. Many, many jurisdictions have their emergency operations plans or comprehensive emergency plans posted online. If the community you select has their plan posted online, you are absolutely allowed to use it as a source. However, you are not allowed to simply copy from that plan. This must be your own original work.

Format Details
Microsoft Word format (no PDF). Fonts should be something standard (Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Cambria, etc.) and should be a reasonable size (11 or 12, preferably). The format of the plan is up to you, but it should likely include a mix of text, maps, graphics, charts, etc. Use headings wherever possible. Double spacing is not necessary.
Most existing plans that you will find will be 50+ pages. I am not expecting you to write something that thorough. Your plan should be around 10-15 pages.

14 pages

APA – 10 References