Development of nationalism from the French Revolution


Your answer to this question should be 2-4 pages in length.  Do one from this section.

  1. Discuss the development of nationalism from the French Revolution until today.  How did the concept develop, how did it spread throughout Europe, and then throughout the rest of the world?  How has it affected world events throughout the twentieth century?  Use specific examples to describe the effect of nationalism.
  2. Examine the development of the mass-consumer driven society and economy in which we live today, from the mid-to late-nineteenth century to the present day.  What cultural, political, and/or economic events caused it to develop?  Use specific examples! What specific economic theories support the concept of an economy based on consumption?  How was its development helped and/or hurt because of government policies in the US and European nations?  Finally, how has the consumer-driven society been affected by economic ups and downs since the 1970s?
  3. Discuss the role of women in the western world from the Scientific Revolution to the present.  What discoveries and changes led to different ideas and views of women?  How did those views change over time?  Look at each time period covered in class, and use specific examples of women who were either unusual for or typical of their time periods.