Design Processes and Practice


EUC_4_005 Design and Practice: Communications Exercise Number 6:

Engineers create artefacts and processes through design. Design is open ended and creative. Discuss design processes with reference to your own discipline, and in particular make reference to the relevance of sustainability issues in design.

Write  of 1,000 words (including references) based on the following title. You must use the template provided on blackboard under Assignment Templates. Make sure your occurrence number name and student number are entered in the header of the template.

You need to submit a hard copy along with a hard copy of the turnitin report to the faculty office. Instructions for using turnitin have been previously provided and are on Blackboard.

 should be stapled in the top left hand corner, with the turnitin report at the back (Note, the staple should be sufficiently far into the corner so that all the words on the page are readable). DO NOT submit in any form of binder or plastic wallet.

Consideration will be given in the marking to the criteria described below. The criteria are not applied in a mechanical manner, and that your mark will ultimately be the result of our academic judgment.

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