Describe your understanding of what it means to be a scholar-practitioner


Scholar-practitioner paper

The paper should be two pages in length. In your paper, you should:

  • Describe your understanding of what it means to be a scholar-practitioner.
  • Explain the following concepts: scholar, practitioner, scholar-practitioner, and practitioner-scholar.
  • Reflect on which learning model describes you the best right now and on how the scholar-practitioner model applies to you as a learner and as a professional. Create a plan for becoming a scholar-practitioner.
  • Differentiate between master’s-level learning and doctoral-level learning in terms of the Scholar-Practitioner model. Describe what you expect to do differently for this degree than what you did when you completed your master’s degree.
  • Integrate the articles you found during your research on the Scholar-Practitioner model into your paper.
  • Adhere to APA guidelines when citing and referencing your sources and formatting your paper.

Note: Scholarly writing uses third-person narrative, unless it is awkward to do so. Because you are talking about yourself in this paper, you may write in the first person.