Describe your authentic experiences using professional skills



Assume that you want to advance in your career and/or wish to improve your professional situation. Employers want to know whether you have the educational knowledge and you can apply it to real-life situations.

Assignment Expectations

Describe your authentic experiences using professional skills. If possible, provide examples of when you used your knowledge and skills to solve problems or complete a project (a short problem-solving scenario).


Problem: When serving in the role of Network Relations Consultant I managed vendor relationships for multiple accounts. I was responsible for contracting, provider education and compliance regulation. Accurate reporting was a huge focus for of our business.   Staff used the reports for forecasting, budgeting, network adequacy compliance and staffing needs. Every month multiple vendors submitted incorrect templates, the wrong reports and inaccurate information. In addition their reporting efforts were late and never received on or before the respective due dates.

Solution: I identified that 3 reports across the board were always incorrect for the vendors. I created a tutorial to walk the Account Representatives through the reporting completion process. The vendors were located in multiple states. I hosted a webinar that provided them with visual access to my computer to view the presentation. I also invited staff from various departments that utilized the reports to explain the role their data plays for the operation of their teams. One month later all providers were on track with report submission and had minimal errors.

Next, develop your professional/personal growth plan or post-graduate plan that will help you achieve your goals within your profession. Every goal that you set for yourself should be accompanied by specific tasks related to how you will reach this goal.

Note: It will be helpful to review your work from Module 1.

Writing Expectations

  • Length: 2 pages for the scenario and growth plan (double-spaced with type size of 12).
  • Include references to support statements and conclusions.
  • Cite all references.
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